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Termite & Pest Control Services

Premium Termite & Pest Services, LLC provides a wide range of services to help our clients get rid of the pests that are buggin’ them! All of the techniques and products we use are pet, plant, and human friendly with a low odor. We get rid of pest for rates you can afford. Our brands include Premise, Termidor, and Dominion.

Termite control works best when done as a preventative measure. Once termites damage an area, the only way to fix it is to rebuild. It’s also difficult for the average homeowner to detect a termite infestation early on. Premium Termite & Pest Services will provide the tips you need to prevent termites from invading your home, and we’ll also remove termites to prevent future damage.

When you see a rat in your home, not only is it a stressful inconvenience; the rat also carries diseases with it. Our Marrero pest control services will get rid of rats and other rodents that have invaded your home. If you see droppings, open food packages, or grease spots on your wall, you may have rats in your home. Contact our pest control team and we will get rid of them for you.

Roaches are more prevalent in our southern climate and can easily get into your home or business. They are attracted to dirty areas and easily accessible food. If you notice a strong, musty smell in your home, that may indicate a roach infestation. Our professionals use a variety of methods to get rid of roaches, including glue strips, gel bait, and boric acid powder. We will also caulk any gaps around your doors, windows, and foundation to prevent them from returning.

In the summer months, mosquitos are attracted to warm, moist areas, including rain puddles, swimming pools, bathrooms, and other areas in and around your home. We remove mosquitos by spraying around your home where they tend to hide out. We also bait them with an attractant and killing agent.

Our extermination services in Marerro also cover bed bugs. These reddish brown oval insects are the size of an apple seed and feed on animal and human blood. They often enter your home through luggage, used furniture, or clothing. They settle on your sheets and create itchy red dots on your skin. We get rid of bedbug infestations with a chemical treatment, using products that are safe for you and your home. We also check any areas of peeling wallpaper or cracked plaster to ensure there aren’t more hiding out there. Once the affected areas are treated, we advise you wash and dry your bedding on hig hheat, vacuum your mattress and all areas surrounding your bed, and cover your mattress in plastic. Contact Premium Termite & Pest Services to remove this nuisance pest so you can sleep soundly again.

There are several species of spiders that are native to the Marerro area, and many of them enjoy dark, moist areas such as your bathroom or basement. Usually spiders come in one at a time, but if the area isn’t sprayed, more quickly come in. Most spiders are not poisonous, but they certainly make your feel uncomfortable in your home. We use professional grade chemical spray to exterminate spiders and prevent them from returning.

We also get rid of flees, which can enter your home on the fur of your pets. The first step in avoiding a flea infestation is to keep up with your dog or cat’s flea prevention regimen. If fleas did enter your home, call Premium Termite & Pest Services and we will remove them completely.

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